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Kayak Rentals

Paddle our kayaks on your own adventure!


Single Kayak

2 Hours$30
Half Day$40
Full Day$55
Multi Day$55 first day,
$35 each additional day

Double Kayak

2 Hours$40
Half Day$55
Full Day$70
Multi Day$70 first day,
$50 each additional day

Stand-up Paddle Boards

2 Hours$30
4 Hours$45
Full Day$55
Multi Day$55 first day,
$30 each additional day

For additional information, or to discuss needs for groups, please call us at 252.393.6457.
For those wishing to do their own thing, we offer a full line of kayak rentals. These boats are the same high quality boats we use in our touring fleet. All kayak rentals include boats with a rudder, lightweight paddle, a map, and personal flotation device.

There are canoe trail markers you can follow through the estuary. Pack a lunch and head to Bear Island, Shark Tooth Island or Huggins Island, all popular destinations. You can paddle up the White Oak River or follow the ICW. Go out and work on skills or just get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

We'll give you a map and orient you, and our location makes it easy to follow landmarks so you don't get lost. When you rent a kayak from Barrier Island, you're in control. There are no boundaries for you to stay within, so go off and explore, fish, camp and have a great time!

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Kayaking with Barrier Island Kayaks on the Outer Banks

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Stand Up Paddle Boards for rent in 2010

Book a Tour!

Experience the glide of sea kayaking as you ride the tide to some of the most pristine places on the Outer Banks.

Learn Skills!

Our BCU certified instructors will teach you the finer points of kayaking techniques to enhance your enjoyment and safety of paddling.

Gear Up!

Get the kayaks, paddles, PFDs and kit to make your kayaking adventures the best they can be.

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